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Adapters and Force Fields

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7th November 2007 | 02:44 am
mood: sdfkjghdfg


Woke up late, missed class, drove home to hang out with the mom, dispelled any concerns that my spontaneity was a sign of major crises in my life, ate dinner with the family, declined sleeping at home and driving to school in the morning so I could kick it with the old school homies, lied to my mom so I could stay and chill for two(plus) hours, moved the old monitor into my room so I could take my HDTV/monitor up to school so there is something to entertain us on Friday, drove from Monrovia to Irvine in exactly 42 minutes, carried everything back up to the room, set up the TV/monitor, plugged in the power cord, plugged in the coaxial cable into the wall, go up to plug it into the TV and realized that I forgot the motherchuckin' PAL MALE TO 'F' FEMALE G'DDAMN FRICKIN' COAXIAL ADAPTER.

Which I didn't even find out the name of until a good hour later of intense Googling. And the only places that have the frickin' genderbending turd are eBay and mass retailers from China.


This is karma for lying to my mom. I get it already. I guess I'll try and see if Francis can pick it up before he comes tomorrow. Also maybe I'll make him go with me to find a piece. Then some time in the near future I can visit Big Christine and get a color changing fire lighter in Chinatown. Yesss.

But I definitely felt all warm and fuzzy inside when that girl [Brianna] told me to text her when I got back since I already told the mom that I was back safe in Irvine when in fact I was sitting in my trunk a few blocks away in front of Francis' house. Haah. Awww.

3 AM Bio homework is love. Not.

Also, I forgot to mention how I am loving the onslaught of goodgood days I've been having. I'll be missing them when things return to crappy ol' normal. But for now, !!! =]

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