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4th October 2007 | 07:08 pm
mood: amused

6:50:30 PM corpsette xo: i think you like girlier girls
6:50:31 PM okay auco: i love her
6:50:36 PM okay auco: yeah because i'm gay
6:50:40 PM okay auco: i'm attracted to girls
6:50:42 PM corpsette xo: if i went after girls theyd be like shane
6:50:43 PM okay auco: aka the hot ones
6:50:48 PM okay auco: haha because you like boys
6:50:49 PM corpsette xo: that girl from rehab was like her
6:50:52 PM okay auco: so you like butch ones
6:50:54 PM corpsette xo: AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH

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Comments {2}

brianna anastasia

(Blank subject)

from: corpsette
date: 5th October 2007 07:10 am (UTC)

heeeeeheeeee. let's drink that beer.

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(Blank subject)

from: bambezzled
date: 6th October 2007 07:16 pm (UTC)

srsly. but i thought you didn't like drinking =P

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