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Free indie rock/pop!

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3rd October 2007 | 10:13 pm
mood: =]
music: Owl City: The Airway


I think I just tapped into the greatest indie bedroom music goldmine ever. I've only heard the Yamamoto EP but I'm very excited about this discovery. =]

Also Owl City. A bit like Postal Service but simpler. Music is love!

I had a really fruitful hour of me time today while I was chilling in Bren Hall an hour before Bio 93 started. I wrote myself a letter. I was actually debating whether or not I should I actually admit that I did or not because I guess this means that I do talk to myself. HA HA. Whatevs, I guess my mom is right, I'm really reflective. Or at least, I have been lately.

My Wednesday schedule is kinda weird, I have 1-3 hour gaps between each class which leaves me not knowing what to do in between classes. I kind of liked going with Rad to Econ after my Math lecture, so if she doesn't mind, I think I'll be doing that. Then there's Bio discussion with KJ and if we don't stick around on campus for lunch, then that'd be long enough for me to go back to Norte. Back for Chem at 2 and then an hour of free time between Chem and Bio. I figure it's a good time for me to read for SE 10 or wind down. Yeah, that schedule works.

The BSC interview is tomorrow, but I think I need to focus on my studies, and I'm not really sure the proper and polite way to thank them for their time and tell them I've decided I might not be able to give it my fullest dedication.

School is starting to pick up speed, I can feel it even though it's only the first week and even though I'm only in Chem1P. For what it's worth, I'm taking 20 units. I just need to keep reminding myself to stay focused.

Things are okay. =] I'm not at the top of the world, but I can't remember the last time everything was okay in the sense that I'm feeling it now. Sometimes I catch myself being surprised that life has been decent, as if I was expecting crap to happen or something. Not like okay stagnant, but like in the way you mean it when you say that things will be okay.

I'll just be lame and say that I'm glad things are looking up, life may be a rollercoaster of ups and downs, but I had forgotten what the up part felt like. =]

Love you Livejournal,

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