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5th March 2007 | 02:34 am

For every action there is a reaction. So how do we designate where the starting point was? And who gets to designate?

I'm tired of always being the one pinned down to the cause. The origin. The one that has to hear, "Well, if you hadn't done x, y wouldn't have happened."

Because while I'm not perfect, I know that I am not always the one that should be picking up the pieces.

And yet, I also know that if I hadn't done x, y wouldn't have happened.

Does it all stem down to who's the bigger person? Who's the bigger person who had the wisdom and foresight to make good decisions from the beginning?

For every action, there is a reaction.

I guess I'm just tired of my actions or reactions that cause everything to fall apart.


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taryn yum

(Blank subject)

from: dakania
date: 5th March 2007 01:14 pm (UTC)

History tends only to remember the winners, mostly because the dead have arrows through their skulls. In this sort of vein, the blame game is a sort of a Social Darwinist ploy for blamers to self-aggrandize and thereby make themselves feel better. It's better not to worry about blame, as a general rule.

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