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so this is how it goes.

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27th November 2006 | 02:42 am
mood: stressed
music: Frankie J : Don't Want To Try [lol irony]

So, usually, when I stress, I go into shutdown mode, where I procrastinate and be completely unproductive and do stupid things that waste time like Neopets and the like, right?

And I've always commented on how I don't really know how I stress out because that's usually what happens, I shut down. HAH.

Well, I lied. I actually do know how I stress out after all. I just forgot about it until it came back.

SO! there are multiple elements involved, starting with..

Element the First: The usual shutdown. Symptoms include severe procrastination and bumming around.

Element the Second: Giddyness. There is much sillyness going around and I practically revert to laughing and extreme pointlessness, similar to that of a child with no worries whatsoever. Most of the time, none of it makes any sense at all.

Element the Third: [This is the element that tells me I'm really stressed out. This is like hardcore mode.] This element includes ranging emotions, to the point where if I let myself, I can just start crying really really hard or I can just continue with the moodiness. I can also become extremely emo or extremely rageful. It all depends.

But I can feel all the emotions swirling around, debating amongst themselves which ones will be displayed at the present stress out session. This element involves severe bouts of nausea and subconscious inflictions of physical pain, which is a really complicated way of saying that I tend to start hitting things, like my head on the desk or punching a wall. [lol who even does that?]

I've actually vomitted before, but this time I think I'm handling it. I'm just kind of gag-coughing really..So I'm good. No puke this time.

So basically those are my elements of stress out time. Lame, really. But I already know that.

Time to work!

P.S. Basically, this is code for "I am very touchy right now." /End PostScript.

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Martine-o-saurus Sex

(Blank subject)

from: kaerlihed
date: 28th November 2006 01:53 am (UTC)

I punch the wall too.

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