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2nd April 2008 | 03:57 pm
music: Disarm - Smashing Pumpkins

I had this really weird dream yesterday that was just all over the place. I think it involved me and a group of my friends and we were on some sort of mission. Not like a spy mission but we had something serious to do and we had do it. Save the world or something equally pressing. It was still really vivid in my head this morning when I woke up, but now it's all hazy except for this one part that involved me getting really really angry with my dad and resulted in me throwing things at him really hard. The intensity of the rage was crazy, I woke up sore arms going, "what the heck? I can manifest that much rage?" It was scary. Then I felt guilty for dreaming that about my dad. I don't understaaand, someone interpret?

I spent all day brainstroming for this 1-2 page reading response. It was a ridiculous waste of time and effort especially considering what I came up with. Weak sauce.

Now it's past by bedtime and I still have tons to read. YEAH WORK HARD PLAY HARD.
haha no.

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