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Weee bunnies.

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23rd March 2008 | 03:25 pm

Oh man, my allergies are up the wazoo. I can't even escape it by hiding inside, my mom decided to bulk up on the flowers. Seriously, I just want to RIP OFF MY NOSE.

After amassing the most epic fail in school last quarter, I'm more than ecstatic that it's over. But now this is the last chance I have and I'm not sure what to do if I fuck it all up again. And this is just school-wise, I don't even want to get into career-wise or whatever. Ugh.

On a more random and positive note, I am really glad we're hanging out again. Like seriously. I've been a hermit for so long, my quality of life is for sure better just because you're back in it. =] Loves.

Bunny Suicides

Happy Easter everybody =]

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