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Subjects are hard to come up with sometimes

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29th December 2007 | 11:51 pm

Everyone has an off day.

My grandpa died today two years ago. Every once in a while I'll just be doing my thing when I randomly stop and think about him. Sometimes it feels like he should be around, and it's weird because he's not so I go through the rest of the day feeling like something is missing. I feel like we messed up somehow and he wasn't supposed to die when he did.

We went to Rose Hills to visit his grave and I wanted to go visit Jonny's too but it had gotten dark and security pretty much kicked us out. Speaking of Jonny, I had a really vivid dream last night with him in it.

I guess this is what missing people feels like.
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from: yisset
date: 18th January 2008 06:36 am (UTC)

i know exactly what you mean... my grandma died less than 2 wks ago.... i miss her soo much

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