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Just think about it.

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6th April 2008 | 03:13 am

You know dude, you gotta think about the finer details in life. How many times have you caught yourself generalizing the bad times and in turn, failing to rightfully honor the good? I mean seriously, that's fucked up dude. You're too busy throwing your own little pity party that you miss out on the party the homies set up for you. That's lame, yo. Good thing you haven't said anything about it out loud lately but I still hear you in your head. Gotta catch yourself 'cause seriously, that's not cool. And just 'cause I know you and how you sometimes get too into the moment, or how you need things spelled out for you, I'm gonna start writing this stuff down. So when you're being hella emo and you see this, well, you just can't argue with it.
Buck up dude.

  • when Shannon IM'd you out of the blue one night and said, "Good night/ sleep tight/ nothing will bite/ I will protect you"
  • when Nestler wrote about what you told her and how much it meant to her on her Xanga, not knowing whether or not you read it
  • when Sunshine went with her homies to Bamboozle and she was so excited for it but still decided to call you so you could hear JEW live or
    • when she told you she really only goes online to talk to you
  • when Abby and Daniella ninja-missioned their way to your house to decorate your car for your birthday
  • when Camille spontaneously updates me about what's going on with her, even when I haven't been around
    • And can't forget her super hugs that make you feel like that one is specifically for you
  • when Frances let you sleep in her bed just because you didn't want to be alone or for whatever other reason
  • when Rad and Kim randomly told you that you were a "really good person"
  • when Jason gave you and all the girls a copy (1 per apt) of his cheesypop goodness for Valentine's
  • when Ronnie told you he "flew down for this hug"
  • when Melody, Javier and Amy took you out for your birthday even though they're all a lot older than you and you really only just work with them
  • when the little girl at the school you went with Kay to for the summer reading program who asked you if she could give you a hug
  • when Chi Bi made you that special frame for your birthday and then
    • several years later, got you an iPod for Christmas
  • when Mom cooks your favorite dinner just because you come home early enough to eat with the family even though you're only away for 5 days max at a time or
    • when she peels your oranges and slices your apples because she knows you won't eat it because you won't do it yourself
  • when Dad makes you coffee so you can get up in the morning
  • how Judy and Isabel stick around you even if you're doing your homework and they are just on your bed playing their DSes
  • how Judy for Christmas one year gave you the pig bobblehead that she got from her Kris Kringle but she cut out a little heart with a C on it and pasted it over the heart the pig was holding
  • how Nauman always asks how you are doing
  • how supportive and accepting Ngan is
  • how big Christine comforted you when you were completely shattered and then there's
    • all of her amazing emails

That shit's real, dude. These are the ones you felt as soon as they happen and don't go away. And that's just touching the surface, the ones you know are real and can't be in denial about. So really, suck it up and get a little bit more perspective, because even if you think you're right and that you are worthless, well then you also know it's easier for you to believe that you're wrong than all of them being wrong. Pwned.

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